Anxiety During COVID-19:
Discover Your Core Self in a Season of Uncertainty
Join Dr. Margie Gayle in a FREE webinar to discover the habits and strategies thousands of people all over the world are using to cast away the shadows of depression and anxiety!
* very limited seating - only 100 spots for each webinar we do *
What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar
I am going to show you 3 incredibly effective yet little-known strategies for overcoming anxiety during this challenging time. You can start today!
The Key to Reducing Depression
Strategy #1
Develop and nurture a grounded sense off self by utilizing specific core awareness exercises that I will teach you.
Caring for yourself
Strategy #2
Increase your mental clarity with the exact IBP techniques that have helped so many overcome their mental health challenges.
Exact IBT Strategies
Strategy #3
Deepen your self-awareness on a body-mind to create transformational patterns that can completely change your life.
Meet Your Host
Margie Gayle, Psy.D.
For the past 20+ years, I’ve been working with people to help them find their inner strength so that they can manage their stress and experience a life filled with health and well-being. I work with you to understand the false beliefs you have about yourself, so you can unlearn these lies. This process helps you find more of who you really are so you can transform into your authentic self.
Take Advantage Of This FREE Webinar
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* very limited seating - only 100 spots for each webinar we do *

What My Clients Are Saying...

I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Dr. Gayle for the past year beginning when I lived in Calgary. I was so grateful to be able to continue my sessions online after I moved away, but truthfully, I was concerned it just wouldn’t be the same. To my very pleasant surprise, my online sessions are different but no less valuable. The online platform actually enhances the sessions because of the close face to face interaction. Whether in person or online, the most important thing to me was, and is, to continue my process of self-discovery with Dr. Gayle’s body-mind approach.”
“I am learning how to let go of negative messages and patterns of thought that have plagued my life – keeping me a victim. I am learning to nurture and feed my soul through tuning into what takes care of me rather than engaging in repetitive self-harming and addictive behaviours.”
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